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Game. Day. Ready. 🏈 http://bit.ly/2D1qf3L
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The year was 1998. The Internet was a new and exciting frontier, and most people didn’t quite know what to make of it yet. Luckily, David Rivers is not most people.

Blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit from a childhood spent working at his family’s full-service grocery store, Rivers saw the Internet for what it was: an opportunity to change the way the world does business. He had a vision, and that vision was KegWorks.com, a one-stop shop for draft beer dispensing equipment.

What he did not have was an office, a warehouse, or pretty much anything else that might seem like a necessity to turn this vision into reality. But details like that don’t stop men like David Rivers. He set up shop in the living room of his apartment just outside Buffalo, NY, and got to work. From those humble beginnings, KegWorks was born.

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