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Every bar, pub, tavern, local, dive bar needs a bar bell/last call bell. Not just a gimmick, but a way to make more money.

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The Bar Bell

The bar bell is just that bell in a bar. They were put there as a way of alerting their patrons that they will not be able to get any more drinks soon.

Most bars will ring the bell 15-30mins before stopping the service. Some might do it an hour before and the others with just 5 minutes to go. The main thing is if you hear the bell you are about to get kicked out.

What is a Bar Bell?

ANSWER: The bar bell is just a bell in a bar to alert patrons of happy hours, a round of drinks, last call. Sometimes also the bell could sound for an achievement like food eating comp etc..


Last Call Bell

Last call at the bar, tell customers you are about to close. This is also a good way to add a bit of extra cash into the till before close. If you use a last call bell you will see people rush to the bar. That is better than just kicking everyone out.

Happy Hours Bell

Tell people that happy hour has started. This is good because you can tell people deals are on so they will rush to get more drinks or order food deals. If you don’t tell people that deals are on how will they know.

Buy A Round Bell

The buy a round bell is a bell that was designed for bar owners to liven up the bar for buying a round. It was a good way to keep people in the bar. These days not really used that way, but more for drunks that show off and ring the bell. Which is good because now the bar owner is making money.

Tips Bell

This is a bell that brings attention to patrons that tip or tip well. Not a very common bell because in USA the bell would not stop ringing. Normally just one quick ding when someone tips.

Achievement Bell

You know how some bars have those challenges. Like eat a kilo of chicken in an hour. Well if you ever win the challenge they normally ring a bell.

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1. Big is Better

This 8″ last Call bell is a great option for every bar.

This one is a bit pricey, but if you bring 50% of patrons to the bar for one more drink it will pay itself off quickly.

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2. Budget Bell

This is your cost friendly bell you can get for Happy hour, Last Call, Tips.

It’s still a pretty good sized bell for the price just get it and add it to your bar and see what happens.

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3. Classy Bell

This Bell would look good in every bar apart from a sports bar or pub. It looks more classy and elegant than the classic.

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Which One To Buy

Well figure out what you want to use it for then just look at your bar and see what is going to suit. You don’t what to make your classy bar look trashy. The last one (Classy Bell) is probably the best bet until you know if you want it.

If you use your bell all the time spend the money on a big, quality one.

Please let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Jason Masson

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