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For Artists

Gig’s are hard to find, when you can’t be found.

Be found by the people that are looking for bands, musicians, comedians and other artists. Bars & Nightclubs are always looking for new talent to attract business. Make sure they can find you. Listing Is FREE


We have over 10,000 Bars and Nightclubs listed most of these places are looking for new artists to make sure their venues stay fresh. Put yourself in front of your clients.

If a bar or nightclub is looking for a new DJ and they don’t have your managers number how are they going to know you exist?

Now they can search on Bar Advisor to find artists near them.

We don’t just show your name and contact info, we give you every possible way to make your listing stand out.

Your Listing

  • Describe yourself
  • Add photos so clients know what to expect.
  • Highlight reel or promo video
  • List everything you can do
  • Share all your social feeds
  • Plenty of contact methods
  • You listing is public so build a new following

Who Can List



Solo Artists



And Plently More

Adding Your Listing

One - Easy Stuff

Click “Add Listing” in the top right hand corner or just Click Here

Then fill out the easy stuff,

  • Your name
  • Description
  • Where you are and where you play
  • Also make sure you add a tag line something people can remember.

Two - Show Off

  • Videos get views so use one.
  • Plus add some flattering photos.
  • Your Audio files that clients can just click play.
  • Add a playlists- type up a list of what you can play.
  • Make sure you add a cover photo and profile photo, so your listing stands out when people are searching.

Three - What do you Do

Tell people what you do.

Who will you play for? List what types of gigs you will play at, remember not just bar owners search on here. You could get Wedding gig’s, Corporate functions even Bar Mitzvah’s

Spend some time here and make sure you list all the types of music you play 60’s,70’s,80’s, Dance, Rap, Tap Dance or whatever it is.

Plus there is also an option to put your rate.

Four - Contact

Contact info is the most important.

Make sure possible clients can get in touch. List every possible way for them to contact you.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Website
  • Plus more

Five - Tell them Everything​

Tell them everything you can.

  • Size of your band/group
  • Stage / Lighting / power requirements.
  • Times you don’t work.
  • There is also and extra area for anything else you need to tell them.
  • You can also link bars you have played at before or regularly play at.


six - Show off your social

On Bar Advisor we allow you to show off your feeds.

You can show off your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds right on your listing. Show clients how active you are at self-promotion this will show clients you will help them fill the room.

More info on how to link your feeds Click here

Your future is looking bright!

Be proactive and get the ball rolling! Share your new listing on your social networks and get your clients and friends to add reviews and photos to make you profile have that extra edge.