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For bars & nightclubs

Not just another listing site.

We are a network. We not only link customers to you we link, Events, Employees, Artists even your Specialty Cocktails, Plus we will give you tips, tricks and contacts to help you build a more profitable business. With Help Guides and The Suppliers Directory. Listings are FREE

Why List?

Bar Advisor is a great way to get new customers, Bar Advisor can highlight the positives of you bar and show potential customers that you are are different to your competition.

Our listing options give you the chance to list everything the customer could ever need. This directory is designed for bars and nightclubs not just any business.

We are focused on making it easier for bars and nightclubs to get things done. We make it easy to list and promote Events, Find Employees, Artists even your Specialty Cocktails.


Your Listing

  • Decripe your venue
  • Add photos so clients know what to expect.
  • Add promo videos
  • List all your amenities
  • Share all your socail feeds
  • Plenty of contact methods
  • Link your events so people can see what is coming up.

Who Can List

Places to Drink

Bars, Taverns, Bar and Grills, Beer Gardens, Hotel Bars

Places To Dance

Nightclubs, Discos, Salsa Clubs

Places to Relax

lounge bars, pool bars, bars with a view

Adding Your Listing

One - Easy Stuff

Click “Add Listing” in the top right hand corner or just Click Here

  • Then fill out the important stuff, Venue Name
  • And your Location
  • Also make sure you add a Tag Line something catchy
  • Description, don’t just give a basic generic description, promote your self, tell them why they should come.

Two - the right crowd

What do people go to your venue to do?

DRINK – are you a sports bar, tavern, public bar. Can people sit and just have a drink with mates?

DANCE – are you a nightclub, dance club, salsa club. Can people come here to dance?

RELAX – are you a lounge bar. Can people come here to get away and relax?

Learn more What is Drink Dance Relax


Three - What have you got

Select all the Amenities you have on offer for you patrons. If someone searches for a place with a Dance Floor and Darts make sure your listing shows up.

Four - stand out

Show off images say a 1000 words so make sure yours look good.

We also have features to let you show promotional videos, instagram and facebook feeds.

More info on how to link your feeds Click here

Add menus and cocktails lists.

The more things you add the more you stand out.

Five - Contact

Contact info the most important.

Make sure they can get in touch. List every possible way for them to contact you.

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Website
  • Plus all your social

If a customer want to book or ask a question make sure they can.

six - extras

Give them everything.

If someone is worried they will not get in because of what they are wearing, they are not going to come and be embarrassed when they get turned away.

  • List your dress code
  • Cover charge
  • Open hours

Tell them what they want to know and they will come.

Your future is looking bright!

Be proactive and get the ball rolling share your listing on your social networks get your patrons and friends to add reviews and photos to make you profile have that extra edge.