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World´s first bamboo cocktail shaker and high-quality bamboo barware

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Bam Bam Barware

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to Mario Nestlehner, the founder of the world’s first full range of bamboo barware to find out more about their range. The BamBam range includes a bamboo shaker, drinking straws, cups, and a muddler. 

Environmentally-friendly choice

Since July 2019, BamBam barware is known for high-quality bar accessories made from bamboo and selling the world’s first bamboo cocktail shaker. Their product range is constantly expanding, and the latest Bambam products like bamboo jiggers, muddlers, and strainers have been just as popular since 2020. Bamboo is getting more popular for its sustainable and innovative uses in the bar world. 

bam bam owner

Started in the bar scene

The founder Mario has been working in the catering/cocktail bars for over thirteen years. After completing his hotel management apprenticeship in Bavaria and working, he gained lots of experience. Mario is a creative person, and one day he had the idea to make a cocktail shaker out of bamboo. He was inspired by his very first trip to Southeast Asia (2007) and his love for Asian culture and art. From the idea to the end product, it was not an easy or quick path, but he got there eventually. After years of trying, building, and testing, the time had come. The original bamboo shaker was ready for production.

bam bam barware

Sustainable future

BamBam barware is always working on improving and expanding the product range. They are constantly working on new sustainable ideas which would bring us an environmentally-friendly bar scene.

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