Bachelorette Party: Drinks, Fun, And Girlfriends!

Bachelorette Parties

Fun, Games, Alcohol, girlfriends, and stupidity. Learn how a bachelorette party should be!

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The Bachelorette Party

While boys are having a blast at their bucks party, girls should be creating chaos too because fun is always a crucial part of the last day as a single lady! Fun obviously means a lot of cocktails, a bunch of girlfriends and a lot of crazy activities.

When to have a bachelorette party? About two months before the wedding is the safest bet, but with all the remote weddings these days some have them the night before. Remember you are going to be hungover the next day, so night before might not be the best option. Plus the bride is too stressed out a couple of weeks before the wedding so maybe don’t add a hangover to the mix. 1 to 2 months before is perfect timing.

Planning is the key for a bachelorette party!

For having the most perfect bachelorette party there must be a lot of planning before the night starts. The best friends of the bride must be all in town for this celebration. Also, there must be food, drinks and cocktails, entertainment and activities and much more! Of course, fun is the most important part of the mix. You may throw in some gifts, but these are not essential to making the bride have a memorable night. A set of rules might need to be set to avoid bad experiences, like not sharing pics of the bride getting a lapdance by a muscular guy in a speedo (if that’s a problem- come on guys, it’s 2019!) or not getting her in jail! This night is all about the bride so her likes and personality must set the guidelines for her perfect night. Fit this into a well-thought budget, and you’re done!

Bachelorette Party fun

Dares and Challenges

There’s just no way of escaping the dares and challenges! Pick up guys from the bar you’re at, dance with a stranger, kiss someone, drink a certain type of booze, get a lap dance from a stripper, wear a crazy-fun costume or do crazy stuff. The only limit is your imagination. 

Drinking games

To get things started and heated, play some games with the bride! Truth or Dare is a classic one, you can also hit it off with a good old beer-pong (or even better, prosecco-pong!). Drink when the bride says the word “wedding” (this will get you drunk after 5 minutes with some brides!) or maybe even just telling stories of the bride and drink every time she cracks a laugh. These games are a perfect way of starting the last day of singlehood of your girlfriend!

Bachelorette Party


There are many activities the organizer can use to make this the best bachelorette party ever. Things like games with the girls or the family, sharing fun facts about the bride, drinking games, challenges, trips to another city or country with the bridesmaids, hitting a casino or an XXX-club Magic-Mike style, or maybe just go wild shopping! All of them will be appreciated by the bride, especially if her best friends are with her at all times! If the homegirl is actually too serious for a Vegas-type party, then get her to a tasting of wine or chocolate. Make her enjoy the company of her beloved girlfriends

Best places to go for the perfect bachelorette party

These are some of the best places to go to get the party started:
  • First of all, the bride needs to start with a nice meal, some relaxing time (maybe check out a spa), and some time for dressing up. You can nail this perfectly at home, a spa, or in a hotel room.
  • If the bride is a serious one, get her to a place where you can start her engines with soft alcohol. Wine tastings, cocktails parties, and more can get her in the mood for what comes next.
  • If you want to hit the road, find a bar to get the booze flowing! Order a couple of easy-on-alcohol cocktails just to get things started at your favourite local bar. This is the perfect place to start playing and making fun of the bride!
  • Once you’re tipsy get that bride and her burning energy to the dance floor of a nightclub! It’s time to get the challenges and a little bit of stronger booze going on. A dance-off fits perfectly, too!
Note: Make sure to coordinate transport for the hens night!

have the best bachelorette party!

All of these tips will help you to organize the best bachelorette party for your homegirl. Enjoy safely the last night of singlehood of your best friend! Cheers!


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