Australia is such a huge country offering a huge variety of nightlife. Australians know how to have a good night out.

Every city and little town has its unique version of bars, speakeasies, and clubs, but one thing remains the same- the purpose of going out is to get drunk and get loose. When you head to somewhere like the Gold Coast, the dress code might change a bit compared to Melbourne, but at the end of the night, you end up having a great time.

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Cost of a Beer In Australia?

Australia even though it is so big there is not much difference in the price of a Beer. Cocktails is where the prices change. Sydney and Melboure expect to pay an arm and a leg as Adelaide and Cairns Two for ones re everywhere

Adelaide Happy Hours

Happy Hours

Parmi night, Burger Night and Tinnie night. Most pubs have happy hours and food deals everynight of the week. Lots of Aussies hit the pub for dinner more than once a week. So checkout our events directory, see if it is cheaper to eat out.

Adelaide Hindley St


Very mixed bag. You will find what you want in every city. it just might be on different scales. In Sydney you will find more sophisticated clubs with top DJ's as in Adelaide and Gold Coast the live music in Pubs goes off.