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Souwester spirits

BarAdvisor had a chance to talk to the founder of Souwester spirits Danielle Costley, to find out more about Souwester gin and whiskey.

Truly unique gin and whisky

Souwester spirits reflects South West region of Australia where it is made. They use locally foraged native botanicals and unique dessert wine barrels from the Margaret River wine region to capture, in a bottle, the true essence of this pristine South West coastal location where spirits are produced.

via SouWester
via SouWester

Founded by true lover of food, wine and travel.

Souwester spirits is founded by wine, food, travel journalist and author Danielle Costley. Danielle also has a diploma in winemaking and distilling. The idea for SouWester Spirits evolved when she was writing a story on Fraser Gallop’s Ice Pressed Chardonnay. Danielle purchased two of the French oak barriques that housed this dessert wine and started experimenting with local botanicals to produce a gin.

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What makes Souwester Spirits so distinctive?

There are so many distillers entering the market right now and Danielle wanted to create a gin and whisky that was unique and rare. As no one else in the world makes an Ice Pressed Chardonnay, she created SouWester Spirits with the simple ethos of creating spirits of provenance. Spirits that reflect the South West region. To do this, Danielle foraged for locally grown organic native finger limes (she even got the cuts to prove it!) and biodynamic saltbush and started experimenting with these botanicals to infuse in a barrel-aged gin. She individually infused each botanical in local filtered rainwater, using juniper and coriander as base botanicals. The finger limes and saltbush were then distilled and she created a blend that truly reflects the southwest region. She then aged the gin in the Iced Chardonnay barrels – and here we are! Souwester gin is ready to launch next month. These barrels give the gin a whole new level of complexity and texture. Danielle believes it is also so important to use local rainwater and local botanicals in the spirits. The gin has all the wonderful savoury elements from the botanicals and then has hints of vanilla, pear, and deliciously toasty characters from the barrel, with a lingering finish. The colour of the gin is akin to a young Chardonnay.

What does the Future hold?

Place and provenance is everything to Danielle and the SouWester brand. The next single malt whisky is still maturing in a dessert wine barrel and will be released next year. Danielle has some other interesting dessert wine barrels from another Margaret River winery for her next gin and whisky batches that are planned for 2022.

Are you as excited as we are?

BarAdvisor is thrilled to see all the special batches coming out in the future and happy to enjoy spirits available now. Do yourself a favor and try Souwester spirits.

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