APPS For Drunk People

APPS For Drunk People

We’ve all been out and had a little bit too much to drink and needed a helping hand. There are some apps around what might make it easier when drunk. Hopefully some of the APPs listed might help you.

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1. Bar Advisor

Come on what can we say. It will make it easier to find places to DRINK -DANCE -RELAX

Find a toilet app

2. Where is the closest bathroom

When you have to go to bathroom it might be a bit tricky to find a place to go. Apps that find you a nearest bathroom are useful and simple. We recommend an App called Sit or Squat, it’s developed by a toilet paper company so you can select to find a toilet with toilet paper. Pretty handy if you ask me.

find my phone app

3. Find My Phone / Iphone

This is a great app because when you loose your phone you can jump on a friend’s phone to find out where it is. Unfortunately if you loose your phone you might be too drunk to figure it out anyway….

Google also has a very simple version of find my phone if you have a gmail account on your phone. Just click this link below and it will find your phone even if it is muted it can turn the volume up.

stearclear app

4. Stearclear

Great idea, but it hasn’t really taken off. If you are parked in an expensive parking garage and don’t want to leave your car overnight check out Stearclear.

ride share surge app

5. Ride Fair or Surge Protector

When you’re drunk it’s easy to get ripped off. With surge pricing you may not notice that you’re paying too much. These apps are meant to find your the cheapest fair every time.

open 24 hours apps

6. Menulog or UberEats

Well if you’re hungry  there are plenty of apps to feed you. These are just some of the big guys, Grubhub is another really cool one.

Drink water app

7. Waterlogged

If you want to keep partying it’s good to go one for one . Meaning one beer, one water.  This app is pretty much just going to keep track of your water intake. If you buy the premium version it will even remind you to drink water.


8. Intellidrink

These two are our favorites, they track your blood alcohol to tell you how drunk you are. Intellidrink was awesome and really professional, but app store removed it. Probably because people trusted it to much and got behind the wheel.  There are still some out there and they are quite interesting to use, but if you had a drink you probably shouldn’t get behind a wheel.

phone blocking app

9. Drunk mode

Finally the most important of them all. The one that is going to stop you from calling your Ex at 3am. Drunk Mode will block calls to different people based on your settings. Sadly, now your friends will never know how much you love them at 3am in the morning, but they will appreciate their phone not ringing.

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