Applebee’s Neighbourhood Grill & Bar

Neighbourhood Grill & Bar


Applebee's Neighbourhood Grill & Bar

When you think of American restaurants with a classic American flavour, Applebee’s must pop into your mind. Even though it’s a common casual dining restaurant that everyone knows, this place has a bar, and where booze lies.

People know you can go have a drink and watch the game. Plus have some snacks too.

Applebee’s was created in 1980 in Georgia. Since then, it has rapidly grown into a massive franchise with more than 1930 locations in over 15 countries.

Their venues are mainly advertised as casual dining and nothing too fancy or pricey. But the casual bang for buck and the TV’s behind the bar made this a great sports bar. It became a easy place for two guys to go and watch the game.

Applebee’s bars.

Let’s talk about the booze. In any Applebee’s you’ll find some hand-crafted cocktails. Variety is not huge, but you can definitely find something delicious. Applebee’s also has a dozen or more beers to choose from and a good range of wines.

For a Restaurant they really stepped up their game on drink choices. 

There is a nice and relaxed atmosphere. It’s a great place to enjoy with your family or friends. It’s  not the young-oriented type of establishment.

But if you’re not into the noisy electronic music, extravagant drinks and people dancing. The great thing is you can put the kids in a booth drawing while talking with friends at the bar 2 feet away.

You will find they have some great, “amazing” specials, such as happy hour with half-priced drinks. That also applies to food and some appetizers. So pop in and enjoy!

This is the one to watch if you want cheap eats for the family. Some nights you can get the craziest deals ever, they sort of become hard to believe.

As much as applebee’s is a dying bread at the moment. As the millennials are just not that into chain restaurants. There is still a huge place for bar /restaurants like this. They still provide great service, good value food and a safe option



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