Adelaide Vintage Pub Walk (3hr Loop Trail / 6hr With Drinks)

Vintage Pub Walk

3hr without drinks / maybe 6hr with drinks if you make it at all. (loop trail)

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Adelaide Vintage Pub Guide

We at Bar Advisor love vintage pubs, so we have designed a walk to see Adelaide’s finest. Some of the venues are not pubs or hotels anymore, but there are plenty you can stop in and have a drink. Most of the bars you will see are from the mid 1800’s but there are also couple of newer ones. So make sure your camera is charged and you have your walking shoes on.

This route is based around walking, but you could drive to most of them as Adelaide is very easy to drive around and parking is usually not a problem.

There is also a free bus that goes around the city, you could use that as a hop on- hop off bus. Most pubs are not a long walk from the bus stops.

Make sure it is a good day and wear lots of sunscreen, plus drink responsibly.

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Adelaide Coolest Pub? Well we love The Beresford Arms because it gives you a great idea of what all these huge pubs used to look like in the 1830’s, but our favorite to have a beer at is Rob Roy.

The most photo worthy is the Botanic Hotel. This hotel has changed a lot over the years and is now more beautiful than ever.

Adelaide Vintage Bar Walk

List of vintage bars you will see

Her is a list of bars you will see on your loop. Not all of them are still functioning, but the buildings are beautiful and plenty are open for you to stop and have a drink or some food on the way.

You will also walk past bunch of other retro pubs along the way.

  1. Botanic Hotel (now Africola)
  2. Stag Hotel
  3. Producers Club Hotel (Closed, for lease)
  4. Crown & Anchor / Roxies
  5. Tivoli Hotel
  6. Seven Stars Hotel
  7. Havelock Hotel
  8. Beresford Arms (closed)
  9. Rob Roy Hotel
  10. King’s Head Hotel
  11. Crown and Sceptre Hotel
  12. Whitmore Hotel
  13. Hampshire Hotel (Hotel Longtime)
  14. Franklin Hotel
  15. Benjamin On Franklin
  16. Cumberland Arms Hotel
  17. Grace Emily Hotel
  18. White Conduit Hotel (not a pub anymore)
  19. The Edinburgh Castle Hotel (closed)
  20. Newmarket Hotel (being demolished)
  21. Princes Berkley Hotel (Black Bull)
  22. Tattersalls Hotel (The Little Pub)
  23. Hotel Richmond
  24. Austral Hotel

Have a great time

Hope you have a great and interesting walk, make sure you take lots of photos. Also please tell us about your experience and which is your favorite pub below.

Please follow us and see other walks and pub crawls you can do in Adelaide or other cities.


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