Adelaide Bars You Need To Visit!

Here is a list of some of our favourite Adelaide bars that you need to check out right now. From underground bars and hidden gems to top-notch luxury venues. Ready to have some fun? Let’s get started!

Top Bars

Adelaide Bars You Need To Visit!

1. Hains & Co

The Hanis & Co Bar is one of a kind. Luxurious,, exciting and cool are some of the words we would use to describe it. There’s a young new vibe going on at this place, with a lot of quality cocktails. We absolutely love this place because it offers some really, really good drinks.  If you can afford it, this is hands down some of the best bars you need to check out right now. Cheers!

2. Suzie Wong

This place is just WOW. Style, originality, and great cocktails come in mind when talking about the Suzie Wong Bar.  You might be misguided by its crowded-looking shelves, but believe us, everything at this bar is where it’s meant to be.

3. Hellbound Wine Bar

Wine, wine, and more wine is everything you need to enjoy life. And that’s exactly what you’ll find at the Hellbound Wine bar. At this interesting venue, you will be able to try some of the best Italian, French and Australian wines you can get. Enjoy!

4. The Bibliotheca Bar

Just as the name states, this venue is calmer than the last one. This library (that’s what Biblioteca means!) is like the adult version of the one from your school – because it has booze.  Vintage decor and cozy environment are main reasons to visit.

5. Proof Bar

Comfortable, small, but with personality. Proof Bar keeps everything simple, but simplicity can also be great in some cases. With a warm environment, you’ll feel just like having drinks at home. This is the perfect place for a chilled-out date. Recommended!

6. Maybe Mae

If you’re after a bit darker vibe with interesting appeal there’s Maybe Mae. Three things make this place great- the booze; a mix between regular beers and wines, with some rather luxurious imports that can spice things up, decor- dark and cosy and the environment- great to chill and chat. This is amazing place for work meetings and slow-paced dates.

7. Ancient World

When we hear “underground” or even “unique”, the Ancient World Bar comes to mind. At this rather alternative bar you can enjoy live performances and small concerts.

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

22 just out of college and love to find new and interesting drinking spots. My favourite bar is the next one I visit.

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