Adelaide Bar Boys Beer Tour

Adelaide Bar Boys Beer Tour

Adelaide, South Australia

Adelaide Bar Boys Beer Tour

If you’ve been to another city to visit a friend that knows all the cool places to hit, then you know what the Bar Boys Beer Tour is all about. Branden and Nathan, two “local boys” from Adelaide have traveled around the world and know the overwhelming feeling that knowing undiscovered places can give you. Especially if you have a beer or two in ya. 

That’s why them, tired of hearing that there’s “nothing to do in Adelaide”, have created the perfect “beer tour” so you can get to know the hidden gems that this city has to surprise you!

Tours and Packaages

Of course, as with any tour you can take all over the world, there are different options to adapt to your needs – depending on what’s your poison, of course. From Aussie beers, to champagne and sparklings and even custom private bars. These two “local boys” will take you to find the very best parts of Adelaide.

Each tour has a perfectly tailored set of transitions that will help you to enjoy the whole experience much more. Knowing business owners, beer producers, trying delicious new tapas, and the most interesting cocktails, beers, whiskeys and more.

Every tour has a different duration from 4 to 8 hours of pure conversation, drinking, and eating at the heart of Adelaide. You can invite up to 20 guests to come with you on some of their tours so the experience is much better.

For a price ranging from 150 to 300 bucks each it’s totally worth it for a different experience!

A great Story to Tell

Looking for new places to hang out or new experiences that will change your view of the city the Adelaide Bar Boys tour is what you need. 

Whether it’s a beer tour with your mates, or a journey to discover the taste of the finest whiskey in town, the Bar Boys can take you there. All of this while making the night much more interesting! After the tour, you will feel like an insider next time you hit the city. Are you ready for this journey?


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