Press Release 08/09/2022

BarAdvisor moving away from Negativity.

No more negative, fake reviews or Karen’s on BarAdvisor.

bad Reviews

Adelaide, Sep. 08, 2022BarAdvisor recently announced it will be moving to a new platform using Blockchain technology to move the nightlife industry into the WEB3 world. 

The new platform is based around a social rewards system which will reward users for input on the platform.

Users will not be rewarded for negative or bad reviews, this has been a tough decision as this area of directories can make them more profitable, to encourage upgrades and extras.

“Do you really care if Karen had a bad experiance” said Marcus Newark,  founder of the BarAdvisor.


Positive focus:

Users will be rewarded for positive or funny experiences. We want to know if you meet your partner at this venue. If you had a great night drinking shots till 4am with your 10 best friends.  


Acknowledgement and BarAdvisor classes.

We are not going to bad negative comments or bad reviews but we are going to use a acknowledgment system. If the bar owner acknowledges the complaint/problem the negative review gets downgraded.

When venues does not acknowledge a complaint their listing moves down a class.

We want to reward bars and nightclubs that are pro active in improving their business, as those business will last longer.

From our studies non-proactive bars collapse withing 2 years of opening. BarAdvisor does not see the need in wasting time promoting business that will not be there in 2 years.

Visit Baradvisor 2.0 for more information about upgrade.