6 Cool Underground Bars In Adelaide

6 Cool Underground Bars In Adelaide

Check out the most interesting and underground bars you can find in the city of Adelaide. There are many things hidden at plain sight, including some of the greatest bars of Adelaide. So let’s get started!

1. Bank Street Social

Bank street social is mysterious, gloomy, and rather dark place with a relaxed environment. This is a very private venue that remains hidden at plain sight. It’s beautiful, and thanks to its rather dark lighting, it’s perfect for after-work drinks. Add it to your must-go list!

2. Therapy Cocktail Bar

There are few places that can keep you going through life in a relaxed-neutral state, and this is one of them. At the Therapy Cocktail bar, you’ll receive the ultimate drinking therapy. Therapy has a classy setup with beautiful glassware, and some of the most delicious cocktails you can get in Adelaide.

3. Maybe Mae

To have neat drinks that are perfectly crafted and presented and to enjoy a pleasant chat Maybe Mae is the place to hit. This place is all about the drinks, offering a wide range. As for the snacks, the options are not wide, but they can surely keep you going through your drinks. This place is very fine to chill out after work or to have a private date.

4. The Barlow Room

Tucked away from the world, this gem remains one of the most interesting places to visit. It’s rather hard to find so good luck with that! It’s also rather small, but has a very interesting vibe. Dates and (small) work meetings can be held here easily.

5. Hellbound Wine Bar

This is a very interesting place to hit, especially if you’re into national and classy premium wines. The venue is not too big, but it’s packed with many things to enjoy from simple snacks to the perfect wine selection. They also hold tastings here every once in a while and we highly recommend this experience.

6. Apothecary 1878

For a very private, warm, and british-like bar experience, this is the place to hit. At this underground, hidden gem, you’ll find some of the most deliciously crafted cocktails.  It’s a rather small place, but the experience can be unique in many ways. Highly recommended!

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