5 Best Automatic Coffee Machines

Are you looking for an automatic coffee machine? Find here everything about the 5 best automatic coffee machines you can buy to put the coffee on the menu of your bar.

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Everybody loves coffee, or at least, they love having options.

When you’re running a bar, you’re probably not always sure what your menu should look like.

Keeping the classics is always a good idea.

But how about diversifying? That can also get you far.

In that sense, adding coffee to your menu is a way of diversifying what you offer at your bar, and complementing your services.

Of course, you don’t have to necessarily turn your bar into a coffee shop!

Usually, having an automatic coffee machine is more than enough to offer the option.

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you must know about the 5 best automatic coffee machines you can get for your bar.


Keep in mind, though, that these machines are automatic, but are the best of the best – they operate at almost the same level that a barista could achieve.

We Use the De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super

The De’Longhi Eletta Digital Super is the one we endorse the most, simply because we’ve used it the longest, and we love it.

This machine is a sturdy warhorse and can be enough for most bar owners looking for a reliable option.

It’s not the priciest you can find – it’s actually affordable when compared to others – and it can provide you with enough quality to satisfy most coffee-loving patrons you have.

Additionally, you can prepare a wide selection of types of coffee, all of them having amazing quality!

 Still, when compared to the best one, this one is limited in several ways we’ll describe below.

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1. Hipresso Super-automatic Coffee Machine

This is the bottom tier – but granted it’s also great.

The Hipresso Super-automatic Coffee Machine is great – not good, not excellent, but right in the middle.

It’s the cheapest you’ll find on this list, but it’s reliable if you want to test the waters in your bar before trying to get a more specialized machine.

It comes with all the bells and whistles that facilitate just about everything you do with it.

We love that it’s programmable to produce just about all the hard-to-pronounce coffee types everyone loves.

However, this machine can only go so far – the quality is just great.

Also, you have to program it to do exactly everything you want it to do, which is great, but also inefficient because it’s not streamlined.

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2. De'Longhi Eletta Digital Super

The De’Longhi Eletta is our cup of coffee – sorry for the bad pun.

However, as we said above, we endorse this machine because it’s efficient, unlike the one above.

This one is specialized to create better espresso beverages with layers, which look beautiful, taste wonderful, and leave you longing for another cup.

Why is it so good?

Because each step the machine takes towards your cup of coffee is executed in a near-perfect fashion.

Of course, it also has some customization options which allow you to produce every cup however you like it – but it’s not as complex as the one above.

This is an excellent coffee machine!

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3. Jura Giga 6 Automatic Coffee Machine

Started from the bottom, now we’re here!

If you’re looking for a more reliable option to satisfy many clients at the same time, the Jura Giga 6 is the one you need.

This automatic coffee machine is a ticking clock that works perfectly on its own – and it looks beautiful and elegant just sitting there.

It has all the advantages of the De’Longhi but is perfected down to the last detail.

This is the most reliable option in many senses, and it’s the best one you can get if you want to offer the best quality without hiring a professional barista and buying a manual espresso machine.

The only obvious downside is its price – it’s the priciest one on this list.

However, as we usually say, price has a quality worth paying!

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4. Saeco HD8964/47 Gran Baristo - THIS IS tHE ONE THAT SUCKS!

info 30 -50 words https://amzn.to/3h0Yrko

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5. Miele CM6350 Graphite Grey Countertop Coffee Machine

The Miele CM6350 is yet another interesting addition to this list – close in quality to the De’Longhi.

We like Miele’s option because it’s slightly different from the De’Longhi, although if you compare the advantages of both you’ll notice they solve similar issues.

The Miele is better in the sense that you can pour two cups of coffee at the same time – which is great!

Although it is slightly bigger and heavier, and if you think that’s important, it can be an issue.

The quality you can achieve with the Miele is also outstanding, and you can replicate the results every time.

It’s also programmable with 10 different profiles, which is an advantage you can exploit for your business.

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We highly recommend the Jura Giga 6 for most bar owners looking for a reliable option to satisfy many customers and always achieve delicious quality.

Yes, it’s pricey, but also, yes, it’s the best.

The other option we really recommend is the De’Longhi, of course, because it’s reliable, easy to use, and it’s not as expensive.

The other options solve very specific issues, like the need for a budget option to get started or test the waters, or an affordable option that works well to serve more than one cup at the same time.

Our job here is done – it’s coffee break time!

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