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Fully Gluten free Duke of Brunswick

In a modern world plenty of people suffer from intolerance/allergies for ingredients in food. One of the big ones is allergy/intolerance of gluten. Thankfully, Duke of Brunswick is Adelaide has a menu what is 100% gluten free.

The Duke of Brunswick in Adelaide has a great layout offering cozy outside garden area for patrons looking to relax or an awesome inside bar with a bit more action and music. The most amazing thing about DOB is the fact their food menu is 100% gluten free. Amazing hey!

How many people in Australia have some kind of a food intolerance?

About 4 million Australians have reported a food intolerance. Most common allergies are nuts, cow’s milk, shellfish and gluten allergy.

Duke Of Brunswick
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Is it really 100% gluten free?

Absolutely, their food menu is 100% gluten free. Also, there is no risk of gross-contamination since their kitchen is fully gluten-free. Duke of Brunswick really is the best choice for all the coeliacs out there who get bit nervous in other pubs.

Apart from being 100% gluten free Duke of Brunswick has plenty more going for them. In fact, DOB worked with  Deaf Can:Do to  become first Deaf friendly pub in Adelaide. What a great effort to include everyone and make people feel welcome no matter what their allergies or background is. So, please pop in and make yourself feel at home. Cheers!

Jason Masson

Jason Masson

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