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Getting drunk other ways.

There are very dangerous trends that pop up in society every once in a while, and getting drunk in weird, unconventional ways is one that keeps coming. Nowadays, there are many methods people use to get completely hammered without even drinking. However, these methods are a threat to your health and you should never try them.

Here are ten ways to get drunk without drinking alcohol.

Are there other ways to get drunk?

Yes there are plenty of ways to get drunk. Throughout the body, there are different types of tissues, and one of them is called mucous membranes. That type of tissue has a heightened capacity of absorption compared to others, which makes them the “best alternative spots” to put different substances. In this case, alcohol. And, no, you’re not even drinking it!

Other ways to get drunk
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1. under the tongue.

One of the mucous membranes of the body is under the tongue. That’s why if you have hard liquor and you hold it under your tongue for a while, there’s a high chance that you’ll be drunk in a matter of 40 minutes or less. This can be highly harmful to the health of your mouth and teeth and can cause a plethora of issues, like ulcers.

2. Inhaling

Inhaling alcohol vapors is another very dangerous method to get wasted in about 15 minutes. Alcohol fumes filled with chemicals will enter the lungs, having direct access to the bloodstream, and consequently to your brain. That will give you a really bad headache or can even make you pass out. There are also higher risks, like leaving your nasal tract open to infections.

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3. snorting

If inhaling nebulized booze is bad, imagine snorting liquid booze! The risks this time are very similar, with the dangerous addition of the risk of drowning. At the same time, it heightens the chance of alcohol poisoning, so, yes, this is a really bad idea.

ways to get drunk
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4. enemas

Now, this has gone too far. There must be something really wrong with you to try this! A tube, a rectum, booze, and a fairly damaged mind is all you need to do it. The alcohol goes right into your colon, which makes drunk incredibly fast. After that, you will enter the ‘death zone’ of alcohol poisoning, and that’s when you know it was a bad idea.

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5. tampons

Oh, so poking your ass wasn’t enough? Putting on a tampon filled with vodka is one of the most bizarre ways of getting drunk. Not only alcohol poisoning or risk of, well, pretty much systematic disease. But this can cause very swollen vaginal walls. That certainly has got to suck.

6. eyeballing

This is really getting out of hand. Vodka eyeballing includes, well, vodka, and pouring it into your eyes. Sounds badass, but what you’ll get is corneal abrasion, which can lead to blindness and other eye illnesses. Why on earth would you want that? Besides, it’s not very effective to get drunk since the alcohol absorption is rather low in the eyes, so you’ll need to repeat the process a lot to get drunk. Mind loosing your sight? No? Go on then!

eat alcohol
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7. eating

Eating is actually the safest one on the list – but we can guess that after messing with your eyes, right? It’s the safest one (but still not recommended) because the alcohol-infused bites are passing through your digestive system, which ultimately lowers the amount of alcohol that reaches your bloodstream. Why is it bad, then? Because it’s easier to go wild eating than drinking. “Heh, this doesn’t get me drunk, I’ve eaten 10 of these gummy-bears!”. Ten seconds later you have to pick that one off the floor!

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8. Injecting

Injecting is the way with most efficacy to get you completely wasted in about, well, five minutes. However, it’s also the most efficient way of getting yourself killed due to rapid alcohol absorption. That will shut your brain down, and puff, you’re a goner. Not a really good way to start the weekend!

household product get you drunk
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9. household products

Gasoline, aerosol sprays, industrial glue, and other chemicals that you have at home can give you a high… A high chance of brain and lung damage. These can be found at any home, just as cough syrup and mouthwashes that contain alcohol. Please, lets just use things the way they’re intended to be used!

10. auto-brewery syndrome.

Now, this one will sound weird, but you can actually get drunk without trying any of these methods. How? With a disease called auto-brewery syndrome. What this rare condition causes is that you accumulate yeast and bacteria throughout your digestive system, which at the same tame causes your body to work as a one-man brewery, turning carbs and sugars into alcohol. The condition will make you feel drunk even after having a small amount of alcohol or sweet fruit-based drinks. Thankfully for some, it has a pretty easy cure with antifungals.

Never try any of these!

Once again, we ask you never to try any these methods. If you are thinking you need to get drunk quicker, maybe you need to get some help and advice from a professional.

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