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We all love going out and having some fun. Unfortunately once in a while, we run into annoying people or who knows we might become them ourselves. Anyway, we have listed 10 types of people to keep away from when going out and you will probably have a better night.

Drink spillers are so frustrating and have got some sort of a death wish. The last thing you want when you go out on the town is someone spilling their drink on your cool new outfit and ruining your night. If you know you’re a drink spiller please buy a bottle, there is less chance of spilling it and also less chance of people trying to punch you.

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2. Drunk Pushers

are people who push their way through crowds waiting in toilet lines or at the bar. These people are so frustrating because they think they are super clever for pushing, and you can’t say anything to them without them getting argumentative. So, please if you see a drunk pusher just try to stay calm and not get upset. If you happen to be a drunk pusher yourself please just give it up, no one likes you!

3. Drunk Douche bags

Drunk Douche bags are types of guys who think they are extremely good looking and cool. They expect to pick up wherever they go and if that doesn’t happen they will try to pick a fight with anyone. So, please try to stay away!

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4. Your Ex

Your Ex is a big one to keep away from. There is a reason why you broke up so you don’t want to get in a fight or even worse go home with them. Way to avoid them is just to stop hanging out at the places you know they like.

5. Your drunk friend

Your drunk friend can be an annoying one. When you know someone is a terrible drunk just try to avoid going out with them mainly because there is a big chance you spend your night taking care of them.

6. Rude bouncer/doorman

Rude bouncer/doormanis someone who thinks they own the world because they decide if you get into a club/pub or not. Unfortunately, you can’t really avoid them so just try your best to act normal, don’t be too chatty and hopefully, you’re in!

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7. The fighter(s)

The fighter(s) are people who seem to be going out with the sole purpose of starting a fight. They push past, talk in a rude manner, and are generally annoying. Stay away and you’ll be alright!

8. I’m so drunk guy

I’m so drunk guy is someone who keeps repeatedly saying how drunk they are and doing stupid things. It might be fun if you are the drunk person, but for everyone else, it gets old pretty quick.

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9. Drama Queen

Drama Queen is usually a girl who is in the corner crying about something fairly irrelevant. If you know your friends are drama queens just avoid going out with them or you’ll end up being the one comforting them and ruining your night.

10. Slow and arrogant bartenders

Slow and arrogant bartenders are the type who are sniffing every single mint leaf and thinking they are the only ones in the world who know how to mix drinks right. Yes, you might be good at what you do, but seriously I can’t wait 10 minutes for my drink! You can’t avoid bartenders when going out, but if they seem that type maybe just get a beer instead!

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Jason Masson

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