10 Things you do when your drunk

10 Things you do when you're drunk

The human brain is complex and everyone is different, but we all mange to do the same unnecessary things when drunk. Here are the top ten things people do when drunk.

10 Things you do when your drunk

Drink more

When you are quite tipsy a smart thing to do would be to slow down and keep enjoying the night, but NOOOO! We seem to think it is smarter to drink more. Plus have some shots instead of weaker drinks. Smart move.

I Love you Man or Girl

If you have not told everyone in your contact list that you love them at 3am you have not been drunk.

Drunk dailing / texting

If in a normal day you text around 10 times then while drunk your texting goes up 3x. Snapchat and Instagram are not helping either. The modern world is hard place to be for a drunk person. There are apps to help see here

Hitting on your ex

Hitting on an ex is a standard thing to do when drunk.  It seems so normal these days that when you tell your friends next day that I was so drunk I was hitting on Bla Bla, they don’t even seem surprised.

Eat anything

When your drunk diet seems to go out of window. When someone puts food in front of you even if you’re not hungry you most probably eat it.  If your friends are terrible this could lead to you eating anything, we mean anything.


Ok..you don’t have to be drunk to like dancing, but when you’re drunk you are a better dancer then anyone else.

Pee anywhere

When you’ve got to go you’ve got to go….When drunk you don’t really care where, on what or in front of who., It just needs to be done.


The shyest person in the world can become the loudest.


You don’t smoke apart from when you’re drunk. It makes no sense , but we’ve all done it.


This is the best and probably the most dangerous so we definitely do not advise it. For reasons unknown no matter what the weathers like drunk people love to go for a dip. Just go to Miami beach on a Saturday night / Sunday morning and look at how many people go swimming it’s crazy. 


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