10 Signs You Are Too Drunk

10 signs you are too drunk

Here are 10 signs you are too drunk. We have done some research and tried very hard to make sure we can tell you some signs that it’s probably time to stop drinking. Remember we are all quite different, but here are the most common signs. Enjoy!

10 signs you are too drunk

1. You keep falling

Somehow you keep falling over, but you are so not leaving the club. If this sounds like you maybe it’s time to head off.

2. You forget to get your change from the bar.

Yes you are getting super quick service. It’s not because you’re handsome it’s because you tip well or don’t care about your change. All the notes are looking the same and you just gave the bartender a 100$ thinking it was 10$. Time to go home.

3. You loose arguments with inanimate objects.

You just picked a fight with a chair and now the bouncer is looking. RUN!

4.The back of your head keeps getting hit by the toilet seat.

If you don’t know your night is over now you must be very drunk. When you’re on your knees in the bathroom that is a massive sign that you had too much to drink.

5. You can focus better with one eye closed.

We are not at optometrist, but if you see better with one eye closed it might be a sign you’re drunk.

6. You are holding a cat, when you don’t own a cat.

If you are holding a cat and you don’t own a cat you must be drunk. Question is where are you and who’s cat is it?

7. Every wall looks like a pillow.

Companies spend millions of dollars a year making new and improved pillows to help you sleep better. So if you feel like the brick wall is the comfiest place for a nap you’re too drunk.

8. Your pants are wet and you don’t know why.

Yes, you peed your pants and you have no chance of picking up tonight…go home.

9. You're outside the bar your friends are and can’t get back in.

You might not be drunk, the bouncers just might be a bit strict, but anyway time to head home!

10. Everyone is hot and they all want you.

Yep! You’re drunk


What do you think? What signs do you get?
Tell us in the comments.

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