10 Best Bar Games

Top 10 Bar Games ​

Everyone loves a drink and drinking can lead to fun and entertaining nights,

But let’s face it, sitting on a bar stool can get a little tedious and boring. Bar owners need to offer more than just beer and alcohol, we don’t mean just adding some arcade games, pin ball machines etc. Still any bar with Big Buck Hunter is on the right track.

What makes some bars special is a game that patrons can get involved in. This can lift the atmosphere in the bar and most of these amenities are offered at no cost to the customer.

Some of these games can bring groups together or tear groups apart

Top 10 Bar Games

Shuffle Board

Can be a bit slow but can also create some real competitiveness the problem is generally if someone asks if you want to play. They have probably played it before and you’re not going to like losing all the time. But if you play and learn with someone it will make it a lot more enjoyable, add a bit of a drinking game to it and you will have some real fun.

Two UP

Two Up is only really found in Australia on one day a year (anzac day)It’s really just gambling, but the crowds it brings in and the atmosphere it generates makes this one of the top bar games around. I don’t think two-up would be a great game if it didn’t have the ANZAC history behind it or if it was played every day. But if you are around Australia on ANZAC day you must try your hand at two-up.

Giant Jenga

Not many bars in the states have Giant Jenga, but almost every bar in Thailand has normal Jenga, This is such a good game and the people in the bar that are waiting their turn will definitely make it hard for everyone.

best bar games


Pool is always going to be a bar favourite as you can get lots of people involved there is plenty of competition and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to play. Be aware there are lots of pool sharks out there so don’t get to drunk and cocky.


One the best way to play is in teams which is good because more people more drama (i mean Fun). This game when played in a bar can become a great spectator sport too, its fast and with teams of 2 you know there will always be 2 people that think they can beat you.


Traditional darts is great looks cool and you can really get involved but now with technology the cork board and counting is over. Electronic darts is great because doesn’t matter how many people are playing it can keep track of everything, this has made this game more attractive.


One of the great carnival games but instead of winning a prize put drinks on the line. Plus there are many creative drinking games that have been done with skee ball. With 7 different holes that’s 7 different drink options so if you suck at Skee-Ball you’re going to be on the floor quick.


I don’t know if hipsters have claimed Bocce as their own but a lot of trendy (hipster) bars are putting Bocce court in and its great instead of sitting around a quite wine bar now there is Bocce.  With up to 8 people playing this can make for a good howdy time, but once you have a couple under your belt it’s hard to know who’s winning.

Big Buck Hunter

Big buck hunter was always going to make it on this list out of all the arcade games this has got to be the best in a bar. It quick simple and easy to mock friends that suck at it. There is one problem with it, you still look like a anti social geek at the back of a bar playing video games.

Hammer and Nails

This is massive in Thailand it’s a game that bar owners use in Thailand to trick you into paying for drinks. This game can be lots of fun when you take away the Thailand pro that can knock in 20 in arrow. You get a group and see how many goes it takes you to knock them all the way in watching your drunk friends concentrating  will make you have a good laugh.