1 Altitude, A Rooftop Nightclub In Singapore.

1 Altitude, a rooftop nightclub


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1 Altitude, a rooftop nightclub in Singapore.

If you’re in Singapore and want to get blown away by the city lights, this is the place to hit. At the 1 Altitude, you’ll get a 360 view of the beautiful Singapore night sky. If that’s not enough, the city lights of the beautiful city will totally do the trick. This place is the right combination of luxury views, a nice service, food and drinks. It’s actually one of the tallest rooftop bars in the world and the self-proclaimed tallest rooftop bar in Singapore. Ready to get lost in the night sky? Let’s get to it!

At 1 Altitude, not everything is about the view.

Even if the beautiful view of this rooftop nightclub is breathtaking, not everything is about it. At this place, you’ll find one of the greatest services in the city, with super kind staff that will totally help you at taking pictures, being quick at delivering your food and drinks, and so on. 

Space is efficiently divided, but it’s not the biggest place and you can notice that when it gets busy. Another point too look at is the entertainment what is really decent most of the time. At times you can totally hit the dance floor with some music pumping. The only kind of a bad thing about the bar is its prices. Just about everything you can get there isn’t necessarily reasonably priced, but apparently, nothing in that part of the city is.

If you don’t mind the prices it’s an amazing place. It throws a hell of a Christmas party every year and if you pair up the beautiful night sky, the city lights, and the fireworks, you’ll get one of the best views in the world. Go check out the 1 Altitude for a deluxe experience!


What A View

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